New York Blog Series Part 3: Brooklyn Bound

No place like home at least for my wife it is. She was born and raised in the East New York part of Brooklyn. As soon as we came across the bridge we stopped by and picked up the one and only Shirley Pazant.  Shirley is the mother that started it all for my wife and her brothers and sisters.

Shirley Pazant

Could you imagine that the first time you meet your brother in law you have to really look up to him? Glenn Ford is a gentle Giant that once played for Penn State University. You can now find Mr. Ford as one New York City’s finest Driver Education Instructors.

Kim and Big Brother Glenn

We stayed with Kim sisters family The Foreman’s. Pam is a few years older than Kim and with her husband Charles they have two great children.

The Foreman's

When the sisters hang out the husbands get talked about and the money gets spent.  In other words they have a great time together. There is nothing wrong with some New York sisterly love.

Pam and Kim

During the visit I got to hang out with Shirley Pazant’s grand daughter and great grand daughter. Jazime who is a hard working young lady in the Dental industry is the mother of Kaydence and the daughter of Katherine Pazant.

Kim with Jazmine and Kaydence

If you have missed an episode of the the New York Blog Series:

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