The Best Man

The date was April 14th, 2007.

The Minister asks, “Do you have the ring”? and I responded, “Yes I do”

I immediately thought to myself how in the world did I even qualify to be right where I’m standing?

The Groom Robert and The Best Man Derrick

As a Jr. majoring in Business Administration at Tennessee State University I signed up for an Entrepreneurship class. My teachers name was Dr. Millicent Lownes who is now Dr. Millicent Lownes-Jackson. Dr. Lownes Jackson is now the Interim Provost at Tennessee State University.  In her class I learned not only how to develop a business plan but how to find your passion so that you will strive to stay in business.

Doc as many call her also gives back through her non profit organization ISOA. During one of her ISOA events where I was the guest speaker I had the chance to meet one of the greatest people I have every met in my life, her son Robert Lownes. Rob is 5 years younger than me so I never would of thought that we would connect and become friends.

Rob finished with a drafting degree from Western Kentucky University and is now established as BIM Manger with Gray Construction as a highly sought after 3D Blueprint Designer. The entrepreneur vision was planted by his mother early on and he started Design Visualizations. One day Rob learned that I needed a cover designed for my new book and the rest was history. Rob has created the front door for each of my books Derricknyms From A to Z, Grow The F Up and 1 WORD Is All It Takes.

Recently I started a blog entitled Today’s Honoree to give others a chance to nominate their peers who deserve recognition and I called on the man with the Blueprint hand to give me what I needed. My original logo was not up to par.

Logo designed by Robert Lownes

I think back on April 14th, 2007 when Robert married Raco. A few months prior Robert asked me to be The Best Man. I laughed because on paper I assumed that Rob would have a doctor or lawyer stand nearby and not me. Rob is humble and not caught up in material things. He just has them. I have never heard him say that he was better than anyone. He just is. Rob is the first person I met who has two biological parents who are PHD and MD and two step Parents who are MD and PHD.

Rob drives nothing less than a Lexus. Rob grew up on a street next to a golf course named after The Masters. Personally I have never played golf or even sat inside of a Lexus. The only thing that has slowed Rob down is Father Time where he gets to spend time with his son.

Two people can grow up in different parts of the world with different expectations but become the best of friends.  I still laugh and say why me? Rob on the other hand says why not you?

The lesson I learned in all this is that you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends. If you need a logo or blueprint designed check out Robert Lownes The Man who asked me to be The Best Man.


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