WWords Of Encouragement For People That Want To Go Back To College

by Neltje Maynez

College can be a hard journey to overcome. I just recently graduated, and I know there would be no way that I could get through college if it were not for my family and friends that encouraged me every step of the way. Now, I do the same. Here are some words of encouragement for the college students that you know. They will greatly appreciate your words of wisdom and will take them to heart. As a counselor for those that are looking to enroll in online colleges, it can be hard for many to go back to school. Here is what I say to them.

1.Set mini-goals for yourself. Each week make a mini-goal for yourself. Don’t focus on everything that you need to fix, focus on the small things. If you want to do better in school, start with getting to each of your classes on time.

2.You will get discouraged, but this is the greatest time of your life. You might get a test back that isn’t what you wanted. You might have to change your major several times. It happens. Learn to embrace the journey and not get caught up in what you think you are doing wrong. You are given a great gift to be able to go back to school. Take advantage of it.

3.Celebrate your achievements. Got that 4.0 that you killed yourself for? Get the internship that you wanted? Passed the math class that you had a hard time with? Learn to celebrate what you get. You put a lot of hard work into your education, learn to enjoy yourself.

4.Don’t give up. It might be hard to stay up late studying or rush to work right after class—but it will be worth it. You can do it.

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