Welcome To Austin, Texas

Glo Rod would like to welcome you to Austin, Texas

Liberal is one word to quickly describe the capital city of Texas. Every day a variety of live music can be heard at numerous events, restaurants, and pubs on 6th Street because this city is The Live Music Capital of the World. The first Thursday of each month in the Soco area of South Congress Street individuals can take pleasure in a festival environment with music, shopping, and a variety of meals. Your canine kid can even tag along because Austin is a pet friendly city.

There are over 100 pet rescue groups as well as pet focused Meetup groups. Parrot enthusiasts meet once a month to share stories and gain new knowledge on caring for their birds. The first Saturday of each month, the corporate office of Whole Foods Market hosts Critter Café. This adoption event features foster pets eager to meet their new family members. On the weekends, Petco and PetSmart stores are filled with adoptable rabbits, cats, and dogs.

Pets offer individuals numerous health benefits. Imagine listening to your favorite type of music with your canine kid right next to you at a favorite restaurant or park. At many restaurants with patios, canine kids are served a bowl of water upon arriving. While shopping at farmers markets on the weekends you might notice individuals with their ferrets or cats in pet carriers. A few of these pet lovers are co-authors in my book, Stories of Multiple Pets – Austin, Texas.

Bicycling, hiking, and star gazing are among other activities to experience in Austin. Zilker Park offers free concerts every Wednesday between June and August. Outdoor plays where actors interact with the audience can also be enjoyed in another area of this park. If you prefer being pampered, there are a plethora of spas. Paradise is another word often utilized to portray the capital city of Texas

Visit Austin, Texas for more information


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