DERRICK Interview with Author of Poverty Sucks Aimee Elizabeth

AimeeElizabethEncouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Aimee Elizabeth was a broke and homeless teenager at age 15.  She is now a retired business owner, self-made multi-millionaire, successful real estate investor, guest speaker, business consultant and best selling author of “Poverty Sucks! How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire.”  She also promotes, a Nevada charity for homeless youths.

1.      Dream:  My current dream is to eradicate poverty worldwide, by teaching people the tools they need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps to succeed.  I would love for everyone in the world to read my book and learn how to do what I did.  No fancy education or large sums of money required.  I would love for my book to be required reading for all high school kids worldwide, and to be required reading for all those who live in poverty on government assistance, so they could make a better life for themselves and their children.

2.      Encourage:  I am encouraged by following my passions.  For every business I have started, for every goal I have achieved, I was motivated by following my passions.  If you pursue what makes you happy, when your drive is a labor of love, you can’t help but succeed!

3.      Resource:  The only resources I started with were a small amount of money from many part time jobs before I was homeless, and an unshakable belief in myself.  I still have that unshakable belief in myself.  No matter what project I start, I always always always believe I will succeed.  And I never ever quit.  If one thing doesn’t work, I will try another, and another, and another, until I get where I am trying to go.  Persistence, determination and confidence will get you much further in life than brains or any fancy degree.

4.      Ready:  I realized I was ready for what I am doing now when the housing market collapsed and the economy went into the toilet.  I realized that I had knowledge and expertise and experience that could help the entire nation.  I wrote my book to help save the nation’s economy, and to eradicate poverty worldwide.

5.      Individual:  While I have never met him in person, I feel that I know Michael J. Fox very well from reading his two books, “Lucky Man” and “Always Looking Up.”  Mr. Fox is an amazing person.  Not only is he a generous philanthropist, he has absolutely no self-pity despite his horrible affliction of Parkinson’s disease.  He is able to laugh at himself and his situation while at the same time displaying brutal honesty about his condition while maintaining a never ending optimism and sense of humor.  I admire and respect him tremendously.  I would be honored to meet him in person.  And I think everyone who has the urge for self-pity should read his books.

6.      Continue:  When I fail, or my situation looks bleak, or I am having a non-optimistic day, I often don’t want to continue.  And so sometimes I will pamper myself for a day or two, to recharge my batteries, because sometimes I just burn out.  It’s hard to stop working and rest when you are passionate about a project.  Other times, I will just push through the bad feelings and continue on anyway.  99% of success comes from just showing up. So whether I choose to rest and recharge a little, or I choose to push through, either way, I know I am not quitting.  And deep down, even on bad days, I always know I will get to where I want to go.

7.      Key:  I have many keys to success.  In fact, for budding entrepreneurs, I have a “Rule of Five” Business Criteria.  This is critical for selecting your new business venture.   If you follow my Rule of Five, your chances for success are 90% or better.  If you choose NOT to follow my Rule of Five, you may as well flush your money down the toilet! Here are the rules:  1. Never have a partner   2. Never have retail space. 3. Never lack confidence in yourself.   4. Only do a business that produces residual income.  5. Only do a business that allows you to hire someone else who can duplicate your work.

To inspire others, I say “Don’t Quit!  Ever!”  If I started where I did in life, and I arrived where I am now, ANYONE can do what I did.  Read my book. It’s an easy, fun, informative read.  Anyone with a third grade education
can do what I did.  Now go get started – TODAY!

Visit Aimee Elizabeth for more information.


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