Encouragement Speaker Gives Back By Blogging It Forward

Derrick Hayes  has announced the expansion of the website: http://www.EncouragementSpeaker.com, and enhancements of his services. Hayes is a very successful speaker and has been featured as the keynote speaker at several highly professional large events. Hayes is continually expanding  EncouragementSpeaker.com with new interviews.

Encouragement Speaker has a blog designed to encourage people to change and transform through positive motivation along with celebrity and expert interviews. This website provides exposure for entrepreneurs and experts through guest blogging opportunities that are available on a daily basis and are posted throughout the week.

Hayes has services on his website such as his powerful motivational and encouraging speeches as well as ways local business can sponsor door prizes at some of his events, to help those local businesses get name recognition. The website also has many testimonials and ways to help others get words of encouragement.

Derrick Hayes is a motivational and encouragement speaker as well as the author of the book titled 1 WORD Is All It Takes. While she was battling with cancer, Derrick Hayes’ mother used to say to him, “Don’t worry how things look because everything is going to be ok.” These words stayed with Hayes, and caused him to re-think things.

It was then that Hayes started looking for encouragement in all that he saw, heard and experienced. Hayes noticed that he began to often hear the word “woe”, but then he began to find words of encouragement in all that he could even using the acronym WOE to explain woe. The concept of creating “words of encouragement” out of people’s woes refocused him. Hayes stated: “When somebody was having a hard time, I’d say let me give you a W.O.E.”

That is when Hayes began his work as a speaker.  Some of his most notable keynote speeches are events sponsored by such entities as the U.S. Department of Commerce, Brown Sanders College, American Camping Association, Tennessee Childcare Facilities Corporation, Mississippi 4-H, Tennessee State University, Georgia Power, and Jackson State University.

In addition to the newly added interviews, there is a lot of information on  http://www.EncouragementSpeaker.com. Other services include: Helping business owners give words of encouragement about their industry, and helping encourage others to visit their home town with “Welcome To My City.” Hayes also gives the opportunity to discuss the importance of education with an “Alumni Shout Out.”

Hayes can be heard every Wednesday night in Columbus, GA on 1340 AM WOKS.

For more information regarding Derrick Hayes and or the services of EncouragementSpeaker.com, call (706) 615-1662 or visit http://www.encouragementspeaker.com/

Contact: Derrick Hayes, Owner/Founder of  EncouragementSpeaker.com

P.O. Box 8702 Columbus, GA 31908

Phone: (706) 615-1662


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