DERRICK Interview with International Artist Corey “Tre-Dot” Henderson

CoreyEncouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Corey “Tre-Dot” Henderson who has been described as sounding like a young Biggie with a touch of Big Pun.  This New York City born and North Carolina representing emcee is truly a representation of hip-hop that any fan of the art can and would appreciate. Since his entrance in the game several years ago he has been featured on over 500 mixtapes and has a youtube page of his personal videos where views have come close to 400,000.  His consistent grind and work ethic has been honored and noticed throughout the country as he has been featured in countless internet mags, blogs, and radio shows.

(Dream) My ultimate dream is to touch souls and walk each day according to my creator’s plans.  I’m humbled by the accomplishment of being able to do what I love and achieve financial gain without compromising my values or craft.  Even within a commercialized industry I was able to stand firm in my values as an artist and blessed to network with overseas markets such as the UK, Argentina, and Japan while being managed by Joint One in Japan which led to some profitable video game placements.  However, my current mission of authorship and public speaking will be an ultimate dream as I’m a firm believer in by being a blessing to others I will ultimately be blessed.  In addition, this would bring me closer to my goals of being able to do what I love full time and expand into other markets and genres. By combining authorship along with musical, video, and verbal representation I’m looking to market my brand into all mediums and touch souls of all ages, races, and economic groups.

(Education) Educationally, I have a degree in Organizational Management.  The skills in problem solving, leadership, and marketing have equipped me with additional skills to stay competitive as a brand even without a budget.  In addition, on the graduate level I am pursuing a double major of Business Administration/Leadership.  This double major was chosen because I have my education very high on my priority list as my desire is to acquire my doctorate.  My father has his T.H.D. and its also my dream to take my education to this same level.

(Resource) At the same time, my focus will also be the troubled youth and prison systems.  Mentors are needed and positive role models as well.  In my personal I’ve made similar mistakes as many of these young men and I took advantage of second chances.  Because of this, my duty is to share these successes and blessings with others.  Convicted felons are an overlooked group of individuals that are rarely spoken of or considered.  Employment has been a roller coaster for many adults and the label of felon even intensifies the severity of the ride.  This said battle is also a battle of mine that I refuse to lay down for.  That label may follow you forever but so do the skills that you acquire.  Education can never be taken away from you and the fight always goes on as the wars continue.

(Ready) Personally, as a youth, I was always told that one day I would become a minister.  My reaction to this was always laughter.  As the years passed it has seemed more obvious that this path maybe wasn’t such a stretch. Expressing myself through music is an incredible feeling and the ability to touch others with words is therapeutic. In addition, upon evaluating myself and my life as a man and as a parent I had become disappointed in myself. This led to me leaving alone liquor cold turkey, losing over eighty pounds, and refraining from promiscuous activity while religiously praying for guidance, wisdom, and understanding.  As time passed, I found myself having deep conversations more and more with family and acquaintances and the ideas for a series of books was thus revealed.  The many trials and tribulations that were overcome were merely a training ground to prepare me to be the man I am now and preparation for the man I aspire to be.

(Individual) Within my network my mentors have opened my eyes to so many qualities within myself that I wasn’t even aware of.  Donald Taylor and Kingsley Omissette were there at a time of my life when I was at a crossroads and supplied that necessary push that was needed.  When I thought I had it all figured out they brought it to my attention that I really didn’t.  Sadly, not even close.  As Master Black Belts in Lean Six Sigma they introduced me to these theories and management tools that carried over into everyday life.  These said teachings amazed me at how they played such a great role in my development within management and as a man in general.  Among the vital tools practiced and learned were perseverance, patience, humility, and attention to detail that carried over into my daily life.

(Challenges) As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest challenges is being labeled as a convicted felon in today”s workplace and remaining successful.  Although my convictions are over twenty years old and I’m currently a graduate student with incredible references; within some circles it has still been an issue.  Employment has been lost and prosperous opportunities denied.  In addition, for years I had fought a losing battle with alcoholism and depression.  The combination of these could have been fatal.  By the grace of God, these obstacles were overcome.  However, the struggle continues.

(Keys to Success) With life being a continual learning lesson it seems like when we think we have the key to success the locks are changed.  The one constant that remains is hard work, dedication to your craft, thirst for knowledge, and always giving thanks to our Creator while remaining humble.  Also, success should never be measured by another man’s standards nor have a monetary value.

Is there anything else that you would like to leave us with?

By the grace of God, the demons of alcohol were conquered with 80 pounds of weight loss, and I was accepted into a graduate school program with a double major occurred.  My sound has stretch as far as Japan, Argentina, and the UK and as a result, I have been featured on the popular video game Anarchy Reigns which is doing extremely well in Japan and set yo debut in the US early 2013. A mixtape based on the popular TV series “24” was done with UK award winning DJ Ames and was downloaded over 10,000 times and featured on several blogs.  Also, he won the Grind Hard Award – Outta State in Memphis,TN at the Knockdown Awards and is nominated for 3 awards at this years event.

The NC Underground Music Awards has nominated him twice for this same award. On a personal note, he has received his bachelor’s degree in 2011 from St Augustine’s College with honors and plans to enter into the arena of motivational speaker while extending his craft to being an author and professor as well when graduate school is completed.  Also, Tre-Dot is currently the co-host of the popular T Tyler Talks Radio Show which airs on Blog Talk Radio every Friday night@9pm bringing a news segment with a new twist.

In closing, for a breath of fresh air to hip-hop, motivational speaking, and authorship; with the expert assistance of producer Skii Sharp follow the artist known as Tre-Dot; the man known as Corey Henderson…

Visit Tre-Dot for more information.


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