Lander University Student Gives Words Of Encouragement

KendraTalleyby Kendra Talley

Having a college education is one of the most important achievements in my life because it is something that no one can take away from me. Knowledge is a powerful tool and can be used to change the world. I am definitely an advocate for youth wanting to pursue a higher education. My life has been filled with adversity however I did not let that stop me from wanting to go to college. Things that have happened in my past have only made me stronger to fight for all my goals that I want to achieve in life.

My mother is a single parent and I didn’t know how I would even afford to go to college. Although that could have stopped me I did hours of research and applied for scholarships and grants. Now that I am a senior and look at the people back at home that decided not to go off to college I know now that I made the right decision to go to school. Being in college has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and it will always be something that I will remember because it helped transform me into the person I am today by learning life lessons.

Kendra Talley is currently a Senior Mass Communications and Theatre major at Lander University who will graduate on May 3 2014.

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