DERRICK Interview with WSVN Reporter Ashley Morrison

AshleyCBSMoneyWatchEncouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars. DERRICK Interview with CBS News Anchor Ashley Morrison

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Ashley Morrison who started out her career in finance as a series 6 & 63 licensed Estate Tax Planner. Ashley then turned her attention and talents to Broadcast Journalism.  Working her way across the country, she landed in New York, first at WPIX , then at Bloomberg TV as an Anchor and Stocks Editor and as a Business News anchor for CBS Moneywatch.

Ashley also played a news reporter in Steven Soderbergh’s movie “Side Effects” with Jude Law, released in March 2013. She has also been featured in several style magazines and was on the cover of “SHE” magazine in May 2013 for her accomplishments as a broadcast journalist. In January 2014 she was inducted in the first ever “Hall Of Fame” at her high school, Columbus East High School.

AshleyM1D is for Dream. What is your dream, goals or what have you achieved?

I have two types of goals in life, professional and personal goals. Professionally, my goals as a newscaster have changed since my move to South Florida.  Having a professional background in finance before my career in broadcasting, it made sense that while I was in New York City I would cover business news, anchoring CBS MoneyWatch at CBS news and before that being an anchor, stocks editor and reporter at Bloomberg TV. Now with my recent moved to south Florida and working at WSVN as a news reporter, I’m still learning my way around the area, learning about the issues and meeting the players in South Florida. That’s exactly what happened when I first landed in NYC, I was a reporter so I could learn as much about the area and that’s what I’m doing now. I’ve also been reporting for their entertainment show Deco Drive, which has also been a lot of fun. I’m just taking my time right now to feel things out and see exactly where I can be the most beneficial in South Florida, just as I did when I was in NYC. My personal goal in my life is to be the best mother I can possibly be to my 9 year-old son Jack. Everyone who knows me, knows that he is my entire life and I only hope one day when he grows up, he’ll look back and say I had the best mom ever and we will continue to be close.

E is for Education. What is your educational background and how do you use it daily?

I went to North Carolina State University on a 4 year full scholarship for tennis. I majored in broadcast journalism but most of my electives were in economics and business because I have always has an interest in both. When I first graduated college, I was a series 6 and 63 licensed financial planner, specializing in estate tax planning cases. Then I changed over to my career in broadcast television. I believe more than anything it was my career as a tennis player that taught me that if you want something you will have to work very hard to get it. Nobody is going to hand you anything nor should they. You will have to earn it for yourself based on a combination of commitment, focus, sacrifice, hard work and talent, but once you get there be prepared to continue to work just as hard to stay there.

AshleyMR is for Resource. What resources do you bring to the table that makes you unique or stand out?

The resources that I believe I bring to the table in my industry is many years of experience at the highest level you can reach in the broadcast industry. I also have my background in finance that sets me apart.

R is for Ready. When did you realize you were ready for what you are doing now?

I think that everybody has special talents and skills, mine just happened to be in broadcast journalism. Being in front of a camera and talking comes very easy to me and I enjoy it very much. Whether it is reporting the latest news on the economy, business news, local news or entertainment news, I enjoy it all. I’m very lucky to be doing something that I love so much. However, there are many, many other professions that I’m quite certain I would be terrible at.

AshleyM2I is for Individual. Name at least one individual in your network that others should learn more about and why?

I think people should keep their eye out for my very dear friend and my former co-anchor on the CBS Morning News Terrel Brown. Terrel is now working at the ABC station in Chicago, but we also shared an office together for many years at CBS news and he has so much talent, intelligence and is just an overall amazing person. Keep your eye on him world!!

C is for Challenges. What challenges have you had to overcome?

I think the biggest challenge for me is finding enough hours in the day to get everything done that I need to get done. I feel like I’m constantly running around with either my tv hat on or my mommy hat on and there never seems to be any time to just relax but I’m used to it. I’ve become a professional juggler as most working moms are too!!!

K is for Key. What keys to success can you leave for upcoming entrepreneurs and leaders?

Don’t expect for anything to come easy. Be ready to work very hard and don’t complain about it. When I worked at CBS News anchoring Moneywatch, I got up at 12:30 AM to go to work for many years. What might have looked like a glamorous job to many, was very hard work actually. Most people also don’t know that I not only anchored CBS MoneyWatch, I also produced and wrote everything. Another thing I would advise in any industry is to treat everyone with respect and professional courtesy. Don’t ever think your job is more important than anybody else’s or that you are more important than anybody else. Appreciate everything you have, appreciate your job and appreciate everyone you work with and what they do and bring to the table too.

Visit Ashley Morrison for more information.


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