DERRICK Interview with International Basketball Player Charles Smith-Perry

CSPEncouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Charles Smith-Perry who is an International Basketball Player who stands 6-0 at 185 pounds.  All CSP knows is how to beat the odds and now he has the ball in his hands with offers to play in China and France. From Columbus, Georgia to Providence, Rhode Island this is the type of story that will keep you smiling.

D is for Dream. As a young child evolving into a young man, I had dreams of being a doctor. I always felt that being a doctor would allow me to be mentally tough, as well as emotionally. However, my life turned into a sports tracker once I began becoming involved in the sports at the Boys & Girls Club and AAU basketball. From flag football, to baseball, running track and basketball, I easily chose basketball over the rest. Continuing with basketball into my high school years, I had been chosen to be a team captain, accumulating many awards and accommodations in both track and basketball.

Entering my senior year of high school, my mind was made up to attend the University of Tennessee to play college basketball, through a partial scholarship. However, my hope had been challenged as I had blew out and broke my entire left leg along with an Tibia/Fibula fracture. Schools told me I was no longer an interest of theirs, surgeons told me it’d be tough for me to pick up a basketball to compete ever again; however, God held my hand before and through the entire process of surgery and recovery.

Without rehab, I chose to attend a Div. II college that gave me an opportunity to showcase my skills and knowledge. With graduating with my Bachelor’s in Business Administration and concentration in Sports Management, I have had successes in leading the nation as the top 3-pt. percentage shooter in Div. II collegiate basketball worldwide. Named team captain for two years, I took on the role to guide, lead, and understand the process of becoming a better teammate, individual for myself and my family, and a better man altogether.

After graduation in May 2015, I declared to become a professional basketball player. Receiving offers from Nanjin Army (Team China) and Paris-Levallois Basket (France), these opportunities declare that all things are possible through Christ. Being told I was too small, I was too short, I was not good in certain skill departments, or that I don’t meet expectations, there were still an amount of teams that has shown me interest in a good amount of time. Tuesday, I’ll be participating with a PBL League basketball team named the Providence SkyChiefs. This will be my last professional work. Off of the court I have hosted basketball camps and spoke at church events and clinics as a guest speaker, about my testimony in both life and sports. One day I pray to open a center for young adults and kids that can provide learning and sports opportunities to the community, as well as start a scholarship fund to those that are less fortunate and have limited income.

E is for Education. I attended Fox Elementary School, Marshall Middle (before transferring over to Fort Middle School) and attended Northside High School in August of 2006. I graduated Northside High (Columbus) in 2010. I went on to further my education and receiving my degree from the Montreat College, in May of 2015, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and concentration in Sports Management. I have put my degree to use with becoming the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act for Youth Services Counselor for my originated homeland, Providence, Rhode Island. Here I am developing bonds and relationships with over 40+ young adults from high school ages up to 24 years old.

R is for Resource. I am a ambitious and passionate young man. Everything I do, I put my all into. The words “impossible” and “can’t” are words I never found accepting. Failure has never been an option because I know that all things can be accomplished through Christ, my Lord. My resources have allowed me to develop relationships with professional attorney’s, coaches, scouts, motivational speakers, doctors, nurses and professional players.

R is for Ready. I knew I became ready when I met my coaches and mentors, Marshall Otto, Lincoln Walters and Hub Powell, when I got to Montreat. These men placed so much into my life that added onto my spiritual growth, my financial growth and my personal life that without them, my dreams of playing professional basketball, coaching or mentoring, would not even be of this world. I wanted to give in so many times so often, yet I always remained humble enough to pick up my Bible and look for answers and direction when things seemed a little deranged.

I is for Individual. Another individual that inspired me, that has also known me for my entire life and in the same network, is Mr. Xavier Lane. “Zay”, an organizational worker, a leader, father and independent clothing line designer, has shown me so much guidance and lead way. Himself earning himself a championship ring at Jordan High School, Lane is the ideal role model for a man. God-fearing, a loving son and father, and a very hardworking and excelling young man, my hat goes off to him for instilling so much in me and sets great examples in which I followed him and he may not even realize that.

C is for Challenges. Adoption at an early age, growing up angry feeling as though people owed me something, overcoming being ineligible for sports twice in college, losses of childhood and close friends, failing classes from not being attentive and focused, gambling, fought in high school and once in college, which almost led to a tough ruling from the president of the college.

K is for Key. In everything and all that you do, put God first and constantly want to improve and build that bond with Christ. He is KEY, He is THE KEY to all success. Anything that you put your mind to, you can achieve. When setting goals, make sure that they are attainable, approachable, maintainable, clear, concise and worthwhile. And always dream big; nothing in this world is too big for you! There is no limit to success.

Visit Charles Perry-Smith for more information.


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