DERRICK Hayes Interview with Music Producer James A. Worthy

JamesWEncouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Songwriter/Producer/Model James Worthy who is one of the breakout producers in the industry. Worthy has taught himself all the tips & trades when it comes to creating a masterpiece within his musical ability. Accompanying his musical flexibility, James has credits with various artists including Grammy Nominated Musicians & Award Winners Like: Arrested Development, Men At Large, Sara Stokes, Robin S, Tony Sunshine of Terror Squad, Truth Hurts, Bobby Brown, Petey Pablo, Yung Berg, T-Pain, Tyra B, Future, Amanda Cole of En Vogue, and so many others.

James began making his own beats around the year of 2004. He began using production software programs like Propellerhead Reason where professionally he jump started his career. His first break came from producing a record for Yung Berg entitled “Electric Disco” who is popularly known on the reality show “Love and Hiphop Hollywood”. Fast forwarding throughout the years he has produced Dr Dre’s former artist Truth Hurts latest UK hit “Fight 4 Love”, Sara Stokes formerly of Making The Band hit single “Sneak Peek”, Kesan Moore of The Walking Dead street hit “Inked Up, and many other records. Currently James is touring and will be seen on BET’s new docu series “From The Bottom Up” which airs January 2016.

D is for Dream. What is your dream, goals or what have you achieved?

My goals are to inspire people around the world to follow their dreams in life. Ive achieved success in my industry but I want my legacy to be remembered as one of the greats.

E is for Education. What is your educational background and how do you use it daily?

I have taught myself hands on training in music production, but I also have a degree, and certification in audio.

R is for Resource. What resources do you bring to the table that makes you unique or stand out?

What makes me unique is the flexible I have to create all genre’s of music. The industry calls me “The Comeback King” being that I bring back many artists to the spotlight.

R is for Ready. When did you realize you were ready for what you are doing now?

Once I received my first royalty check I realized this was where my career was headed.

I is for Individual. Name at least one individual in your network that others should learn more about and why?

Angel Jerez who is an upcoming songwriter under me. He embodies real lyrical content and speaks different languages which really helps in this industry.

C is for Challenges. What challenges have you had to overcome?

Gaining respect and creating with those who think ahead.

K is for Key. What keys to success can you leave for upcoming entrepreneurs and leaders?

Love your craft and never discount your worth. There is always room for someone to be successful.

Visit James A. Worthy for more information.


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