Welcome To AUGUST: 6 Things You Can Do To Get A Breakthrough

IMG_20160801_073242Guess what? 2016 is more than halfway over. Welcome to AUGUST and through this word I plant 6 seeds into your life so that with everything you do it produces a breakthrough. When the sun comes out and things get heated pull out this guide and make sure the steps are repeated.

A is so that you Appreciate who you are so that you realize you have already made it this far.

U is so that you Understand that you have a purpose that you are supposed to do to help others and not even you.

G is so that the Gift you have is not taking for granted but is nurtured with soil where positive seeds are planted.

U is so that you Uplift people before you leave work or go to sleep at night with a WOE, a Word Of Encouragement.

S is so that you Serve others that can’t even serve you back. Be the light that helps another get it right.

T is so that you tell your Testimony without having to be phony. We all make mistakes but God gave us power not of fear but to be bold enough to win in our own business or career.

Welcome To AUGUST and I pray that these 6 Things help increase what you do and bring your life a breakthrough.


Derrick Hayes at http://www.DerrickHayes.com is an Author and Motivational Speaker 




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