How To Make It In Any SCHOOL

IMG_20160802_074640Growing up in Illinois I was taught in a predominately white school system and when I went to college I had to learn how to survive at an HBCU Historically Black College and University. Through the word SCHOOL I share with you 6 things every student could use to Make It In Any SCHOOL.

The is S is for Skill because in order to survive you may not be able to find a job but you can create one. Skills still pay bills.

The C is for Confidence because you will receive a test just to show you are the best but if you always lose your cool they can remove you from the SCHOOL.

The H is for Habit. If you want to make the cheddar find ways to get better. Doing right the little things bring the championship rings.

The O is for Open so that your mind can receive a new learning line from time to time. Education stays fresh when the student connects with the teacher.

The O is for Opportunities so that you network with people that are going places and making things happen. Others will help your chicken stay smothered.

The L is for Love so that when you wake up you learn about life and it loves you back so that when you see others you support what they do so that you create a positive crew.

Every morning the universe takes me to SCHOOL so I pray you learn something today.


Derrick Hayes at is an #Author and #MotivationalSPEAKER


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