USHER Your Students To No Limit

IMG_20160622_095855I was listening to this song that paid homage to Master P and it inspired me with this thought that as educators and entrepreneurs we have to USHER Students To No Limit. Through the word USHER I give you a six step guide so that our greatest gifts never have to hide.

The U is so that we Uplift them first thing in the morning with a positive atmosphere by saying hello, having a smile on our face with the attitude that we want them there and for them to learn.

The S is so that we Show them an example of what they can be and that is always the best seat in their life whether they sit in the back or the front of the class.

The H is so that we Help them in anyway we can inside and outside of the classroom and this will prepare their minds that someone really cares and when they need guidance it will be there.

The E is so that we Evaluate their greatness and bring in other resources and even develop courses so they stay on course and never get off track.

The R is for the Relationship that will develop when you decide to make a commitment to at least one youth to USHER them to greatness by Uplifting, Showing, Helping and Evaluating their gifts.

Just like Brother Raymond who has sold millions of records there is No Limit to what can happen for students when they have you to USHER them to education which has the best seat that can give them the greatest view of the world.

Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


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