Use FEAR To Move Your Career

IMG_20160802_074640We all hit the wall sometimes and get scared about reaching the next level and that’s when FEAR can set in so today we will use FEAR and through this word discuss 4 things that can make our success bell ring.

F is for Faith so that when you wake up you believe that you can achieve.

E is for Education so that your life is not just about chatter but you have mastered subject matter.

A is for Action so that you don’t just keep your head in a book but apply for opportunities so that you get booked to speak, sing or do your original thing.

R is for Retry so that you always Retry no matter how many times you fall or no matter how many times they never answer your calls. The ones that retry gets more people to buy.

Let’s stop running scared like we are a chicken with our heads cut off and use FEAR To Move Our Career.

Derrick Hayes at is an #Author and #MotivationalSPEAKER


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