WINDOW Winning

20160817_002500Are you winning? Better yet are you winning as much as you want to? If not, stop window shopping and start WINDOW Winning. Through the word WINDOW here are 6 things you can see through the lives of winners so that you can win to.

W is so that Watch winners. Look at what they do so you can see how it can happen for you.

I is so that you Interview winners. Ask questions of the best so that you can let losing rest.

N is so that you Network with winners. Get to know how great they are by seeing how they relate to who you are on a personal level.

D is so that you Develop winners. Apply for a position or just sit back and listen and see how you could build their dream as part of the team.

O is so that you Offer winners opportunities to partner with you and what you do. Sometimes in order to get there you need to be aligned with someone that can take you there.

W is so that you Work and Work and Work so that winners want to Work with you and some winners will want to Work for you and become blessed through you.

WINDOW gives you a view to help you do what you do so that you can stop skinning and grinning and when it is not what it is supposed to be use the blueprint in WINDOW Winning.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker



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