Who Is There To NURSE Your Dream?

IMG_20160819_063747When you are ill or just need a checkup the one you see before the doctor is the NURSE. In school or business you need someone by your side that cares for you in private so that you can succeed in public. Shout out to every RN (Real Necessary) and LPN (Lifting People Now) NURSE and through this word here are 5 things they do to help you get a breakthrough.

N is for No. A person that really cares for you will not always say yes because a no can help you create your best.

U is for Understand. Someone that knows you in and out will be there when you grin and doubt.

R is for Remind. Vision is key from your partner to remind you of what you can be and the little things you don’t see.

S is for Save. They will save you from when you want to go and stay and remove the negativity before it gets in your way.

E is for Enterprise. Support you is what they do from being on the phone using their lips to making contracts in your partnership.

My wife Kim is an RN so I have a NURSE on my team but the question is Who Is There To NURSE Your Dreams?

Derrick Hayes at www.derrickhayes.com is an Author and Motivational Speaker.


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