Do You Like To FISH?

20160824_082804You can get fish at the grocey store or at a restaurant. The question we have all been asked at one time or another is Do You Like to FISH? and through this word here are 4 Principles that will make a better fisherman where you will be able to catch a FISH by yourself or with your crew.

F is so that you Focus enough to get the bait on the hook so that you can cast out without fear.

I is so that you Improve and upgrade your equipment so you can tell when the ones in your see run off with what you have.

S is so that you Seek bigger and better FISH to fry because sometimes trying to help the tadpole can leave you in a bad hole.

H is so that you Help others learn how to FISH so that even if you don’t get the catch of the day you can still eat.

It’s the POLE (Person Offering Love Everyday) that feeds the soul because when you Focus, Improve, Seek and Help you can go from having food for a day to being able to eat for a lifetime.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker



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