The Blessings of Beech Creek Part 7

IMG_20160825_190814Welcome to The Blessings of #BeechCreek #Part 7. Whenever I visit Nashville I never have to stay in a hotel or motel because I have a friend name Dez who sticketh closer than a brother. After laying down for a few hours I felt something wake me up that I couldn’t shake and once I saw this inbox message  I already knew what i needed to do.

“Would Love to have you worship with us at TRUE House of Praise, COGIC on

202 Chilton Street Nashville, TN 37211.

You have my number if you want a ride and the service time is 11am.”

The message was from Saul Eady, Jr. Who is now the humble undershepherd (pastor) of the TRUE House of Praise. At TSU he was a gentle giant as he played Offensive Line for the Tigers.

The Blessing is that when the Pastor offers you a ride the church needs to see you on the inside. I suprised him and showed up to watch him show out off the field for God.


Derrick Hayes at is an #Author and #MotivationalSPEAKER


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