Your Cure Is In The BLOOD

IMG_20160608_182206At the end of 2012 I asked God for a blueprint so that I could lower my cholesterol so I would not have to take medicine. He answered immediately and said Your CURE Is In The BLOOD and through this word here are 5 steps you will see on your way to victory.

B is for Believe because if you don’t you may never recieve what your life is truly meant to be.

L is for Lifestyle that you need to change and it may cause a stir where people that are close to you look at you strange.

O is for Optimistic because even when your goal doesn’t seem realistic your passion can drive you from being just a statistic.

O is for Ongoing for you to keep flowing even when things are unknowing of what you see and where you can truly be.

D is for Destiny where you end up sitting in the Doctors office with a smile full of love and when they look at your records they even go back and double check it because they realize Your Cure Is In The BLOOD disease free so respect it.

Based on my true story.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


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