Make Your Life EPIC

IMG_20160802_074640I was up late one night and couldn’t sleep and I asked the universe what should I do? The Universe answered, whatever you do Make Your Life EPIC and through this word here are 4 things you need to plant the EPIC seed.

E is for Exciting. When you are rising and soaring find ways to keep from being boring.

P is for Personal. No matter what you do you better find something in there for you.

I is for Inviting. People want to be around winners so stop patterning your game after beginners.

C is for Count. Do something most have never done before that is something that never closes doors and that is make a difference.

When what you do is Exciting, Personal, Inviting and it Counts all they can say is, “Your Life is EPIC.”


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker




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