I Wish We Would Take DEAD Serious

IMG_20160823_062651I  hear people say DEAD Serious and I just think to myself that I Wish We Would Take DEAD Serious. I will use DEAD with 4 points to help keep more of us alive.

D is for Die and I’m not on when it’s a natural cause but when brothers kill other brothers (Pause).

E is for Empty that feeling you get inside when people are dying, you are a target and you have nowhere to hide.

A is for Action you take to correct the governments mistakes with plans and programs to get folk out of jams.

D is for Deliver when you seen a grown man shiver and not because he is out of place but when you see a new smile on their face.

I take DEAD Serious and for us to get it right we have find a way to turn darkness into light.

Derrick Hayes at www.DerrickHayes.com is an Author and Motivational Speaker


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