How To INVENT When You Are In Vent

IMG_20160622_095855Do you know someone complaining about training wishing they had a solution so problems would go away? They are in vent and when you are in vent it is time to INVENT and here are 5 steps to end strife and bring a product or service to life.

I is for Ideas that you need to get the ball rolling and end the negative trolling.

N is for Network so that you can see who you know that can help make this idea grow.

V for Vision so that you keep your eye on the prize so that this dream is realized.

E  is for Evaluation so that even when you pressed it your diamond was well tested.

N is for Never giving up on your intent because not everyone will understand what God gave you to INVENT.

T is for Today because like Rhianna sings none of this is promised so work today to get get your product or service on display.

Do you INVENT when you are In Vent?


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker



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