How To Catch An ATTITUDE

IMG_20160622_095855People will come at you in different ways but knowing How To Catch An ATTITUDE will help you make it each day. Through the word ATTITUDE here are 8 things you can do when a negative person comes at you.

A is to set the Atmosphere and that will keep alot of BS (Bitter Someone) away.

T is to Thank them for the little things they do.

T is to Take time to listen to them.

I is to Introduce them to someone else that is positive.

T is to Talk positive about them at all times.

U is to Use your cope skills to create hope deals.

D is to Discern what to say or do so their drama doesn’t burn you.

E is to Escape before you have to use your cape.

Keep your TGIF from being rude by learning How To Catch An ATTITUDE


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker



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