I’m a Knee GROW

T20160914_060406People have called me many names including Black, Afro and African American but the one that fills me up is Knee GROW and through this keyword I share what happens every day when I get on my Knee to pray.

G is for God who has answers when I pray for my family, friends and strangers to have a fruitful day.

R is for Relationship that God and I share and when I look back there is nothing else that can compare.

O is for Opportunity to share my story and give God glory where I can wake up and go to sleep and never stay with worry.

W is for Witness because it is a blessing to see others look at you strange and at the same time they see your light and the next minute their whole life change.

Thank God I’m a Knee GROW.

Derrick Hayes at www.DerrickHayes.com is an Author and Motivational Speaker


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