THI Will BE Done

IMG_20160823_062651Many don’t succeed because they never discover their power within. In the word Within you have THI in the middle and that leaves you with WIN. So that you have a WIN WIN situation here are 3 main points with THI so THI Will BE Done.

T is for Truth so that you explore and find yours so that you will be set free to walk through open doors.

H is for Habit because only a silly rabbit will see negative and grab it but you are a heir not hare and whoever is in your life that is not down it might be time to ask them to get up.

I is for Increase that brings more peace and piece of pie which comes with prosperity that will stand the test of time with leverage and longevity.

When you know your Truth and practice good Habits you will see Increase that makes Angels cry out “THI Will BE Done.”


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker



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