DEBATE Like Its Super Tuesday

IMG_20160823_062651In a few weeks you will decide who the President is and whether you are  Republican or Democrat did you get off your rump for the DEBATE between Clinton and Trump so through this keyword learn how to DEBATE Like its Super Tuesday.

D is so you Deliver an opening statement to express your view on how to breakthrough.

E is so you Exchange and rebuttle to share what you think in a way that’s subtle.

B is so you Both give closing remarks to share what you feel that will close the deal.

A is so the Audience gets to do Q & A to get insight on what you previously had to say.

T is to Tally the votes to decide a winner or loser but you can only DEBATE your case if you become a chooser.

E is for End so that you DEBATE with no hate but look them in the eye shake hands and congratulate.

Until November 2016 DEBATE Like its Super Tuesday


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker



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