PAY For It Now

IMG_20160622_095855Some want it now and some want it in any way and anyhow but if you don’t want it later you may shake your head with no opportunities to make bread. Life will make you PAY For It now or PAY For It later so through this keyword we will discuss the benefits if you PAY For It Now.

P is for Practice. Allen Iverson made the word practice famous but if he did not practice he wouldn’t currently be in the NBA Hall of Fame.

A is Action. Anyone can do drill after drill but will you get in the game so you can build your name and be able to pay more bills.

Y is for Yearn. There are levels in every industry and you can stop, go to the top or cash in on your passion and rise above the cream of the crop.

PAY For It Now with Practice, Action and Yearn or PAY For It Later when you may never ever get your turn.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


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