The Struggle Is TEAL

img_20161003_060812Many see the struggle with no way out. Others will tell you the Struggle is Real. I’m here to paint a picture in your mind that The Struggle Is TEAL and through this keyword here are 4 thoughts to help you imagine what can be to set your situation free.

T is for Time that you need to put in each day to paint pictures in your mind where you see things going in a positive way.

E is for Education for your situation so that you can make intellectual decisions with everything you are facing.

A is to help you be Align with positive faces that can help put you in positive places.

L  is so you Look for ways to improve so that you keep overcoming the struggle and find ways to keep your groove.

The struggle is real but when you paint a different picture The STRUGGLE Is TEAL.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


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