HELLO and Good Morning

IMG_20160829_055747When you walked into work did everyone that crossed your path speak and say HELLO and Good Morning? We will use this keyword to give you 5 things to help you get championship rings.

H is so that you say Hello to your dream. Many leave earth without knowing their worth and go to the cemetery without giving their dream a birth.

E is so that you Energize your dream. Rise up and wake up your dream. Do something for and in your dream everyday.

L is so that you Look for opportunities for your dream. Knock until mom and pop and the major retail stores have your product in stock.

L is so that you Leverage your dream. Network with others and even your neighbor and watch the things you do grow and bring you all much favor.

O is so that you know your Origin. You are a King or Queen and since the beginning of time you have been on the scene.

Once thing that can determine how far you go is by how you treat others and it starts with HELLO.


Derrick Hayes at http://www.DerrickHayes.com is an Author and Motivational Speaker


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