CLEAR Head To Avoid Dead

20161012_060816There are many messages aimed at our minds that try to get in but the most dangerous ones can be the ones that we let in so through the keyword CLEAR here are 5 things to keep in mind.

C is for Clutter that makes our life stutter so we are no longer living a life smooth like butter.

L is for Language that we speak that is not of power but from a point that keeps us weak.

E is for Experiences that make us want to scream that came as a result from us not speaking life into our dream.

A is for Animosity that you have towards your brother or sister and there is no need to dis her because you can’t kiss her.

R is for Rest in peace that will come and not cease unless we make things CLEAR and decrease the negative Clutter, Language, Experiences and Animosity.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


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