20161028_060501When people come wrong or even for a second doubt your abilities just SMILE Back and through this keyword here are 5 things to help you get championship rings .

S is for Survive because no matter what you have been through you are still here for another year.

M is for Maintain because when you stay cool you won’t automatically over heat and turn into a fool.

I is for Interact so that when you get off your back and your feet hit the floor you can meet more positive people when you walk out the door.

L is for Leave and this you may have to do with some people places and things in your life in order for you to receive.

E is for Effort so that you work like never before and watch a blessig be on the other side of the door.

Don’t keep a frown or stay down when you can stay on track with just a SMILE Back.


Derrick Hayes at  is an Author and Motivational Speaker.


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