20161029_181244How do you view people that are homeless? I see them opposite of how many people think because I know that they just have LESS home than we do and here are 4 points to help you make do.

L is so that you Love what you do so no matter what they say you can have a greater day.

E is so that you Encourage each other from your baby girl to your big brother.

S is so that you Seek opportunity for business and life to plant a seed that will build a foundation for your wife.

S is so that you Serve where you live and find a place that has never seen your face so that when you win it is not always based on the color of your skin.

Change your thinking from Homeless to LESS Home and one day you will open a door to more home.

Derrick Hayes at http://www.derrickhayes.com is an Author and Motivational Speaker.


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