Skeptic TANK

20161105_124340Just when things could get worse you realize that there is no need for a Think Tank because your leadership has you in a Skeptic TANK where all they do is doubt you until you use what’s in this keyword and you see things turn around and they shout you.

T is for the Talent that is in you even if it takes this message to inspire your destiny to contunue.

A is for the Adversity that you will face that will shake your comfort zone and make you feel all alone.

N is for the Networking you will have to do just to get a small door to open for you.

K is for the Keys to success you will recieve when you use your Talent, go through Adversity and Network until they no longer doubt you but have to swallow their pride and shout you.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


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