img_20161114_064614In Columbus, Georgia there is currently a drought with no rain drop in sight and I thought what can people do when they have a REIGN Drop so through this keyword are 5 things you can do when super success is no longer there for you.

R is for Reason. Remember why you should not stop and what took you in the first place to the top.

E is for Education. There may be something else you need to know in order for your dream to continue to grow.

I is for Interview. Get to know the new cream of the crop at the top and ask them how they try so you can rebuild on your why.

G is for Generate. Get back in the lab and develop a book or invention that customers can grab.

N is for Network. Life is a trip and just like a vacation your rise can end quick so get out your seat and go meet and greet and don’t stop to get it get it until you positively fill up your balance sheet.

Just because you see a REIGN Drop it doesn’t mean you have to stop.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker





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