Basketball Camp Motivational Speaker

HOOP (Hayes Offers Optimistic Presentations) Dreams are still alive when they bring you in to speak at the Columbus State University Basketball Camp where Head M en’s Coach Robert Moore asked me to give a message to help youth GRIND more out of their life on and off the court.

G is for Goal. In order to accomplish anything you first must know what you want to do. On the court goal could be 10 points a game and the off the court goal could be perfect attendance in school.

R is for Resource. Success comes when we realize what we have and learn how to use what we have. On the court resources are coaches, basketballs and drills and off the court resources are mentors and books.

I is for Implementation. No goal can be achieved if you don’t test out the resources and opportunities in front of you to see what you can and can’t do or to look for areas in which you can improve in on and off the court.

N is for Networking. Get to know other athletes and scholars on and off the court and build relationships so that you will have more people on your team to give you support.

D is for Deliver. One way to find out if you have what it takes is to get in the game or take the test. Many are scared because their not prepared.

When you truly GRIND your Goal will have Resources that you can Implement so that your Network will Deliver you success on and off the court.

Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes

“Give Someone a WOE, a Word Of Encouragement.”
Events – Camps – Retreats – Meetings

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