Ask Seek Knock

Matthew 7:7 Ask, Seek and Knock. Many things I have accomplished only happened because someone asked me to do sonething or they told me that I could make something happen. My mother asked me to go to college so now I have a degree from Tennessee State University. The Nashville Urban League asked Andre Lee and I to speak to the community youth and years later we are still making an impact. James Amps told me I would write a book and the end result was Derricknyms. Lj Holloway asked me to do PR and we agreed to feature others that were nominated by others with Today’s Honoree.

Today look at people in your circle square in the eye and ask them to do something they have never done before.

Some will take your suggesstion and think outside the box or just use the box (brain) that God already gave them and use what they have to make people learn, laugh and live more effectively and others will complain, fake a sprain and come up with excuses not to obtain.

Don’t judge or hold a grudge just ask and pray that when you speak life into them that it gives them a nudge or itch that helps them find their niche. Not to get rich but wealth the natural resource that elevates your mental physical and spiritual health.

When you Ask those that want it bad enough they will Seek and Knock until the right doors open.

When you Ask it does not cost a dollar just a HOLLER (Help Others Live Life with Empowerd Results)

All I ASK is that you share this with your brother or sister.


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