MATH Teacher

There was a MATH (Move Away Their Happiness) teacher that was hired by the school district and they had the opportunity to have an unlimited salary if they could do one thing and that was to make sure I was counted out.

When I was born I had breathing problems and asthma was an unwanted ADDITION to my life.  My Mother went to Heaven and that was a major SUBTRACTION from my life. When my first marriage ended in divorce and with us having children it created DIVISION in my life.

The MATH teacher became frustrated because every time I had a problem, my life was blessed with a solution. He was thrown off that he could not figure out the formula to my favor so he left the school board and went to God and asked for forgiveness.

“Father please forgive me because for the money I wanted him canceled like a bad check. I ADDED negativity to his life, SUBTRACTED something he loved, DIVIDED something so it couldn’t be and time after time I have seen you MULTIPLY his blessings.

No longer will I count him out because I want you to count me in. I understand now that I’m not GREATER than or LESS than anyone but if we all do our share it will EQUAL success. Now I’m ready to be your MATH (Move All Toward Him) Teacher.”



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