Bow Tie Monday

Welcome to the Starwars edition of Bow Tie Monday where in order to make it you have to have the mindset of an ALIEN (Always Lift Individuals with Encouraging News) where dreams are lived. Believe that you can be a Luke Skywalker in the air or a successful Han Solopreneur where you use Chewbacca’s cousin Habakkuk to write down your vision and make it plain so that your Obi-Wan Kenobi Bryant killer instinct will kick in so even when you have a Darth Vader on your job or in your home the universe will stretch your mind and body with YODA (Yearning Opens Doors Ahead) so that you have R2 D2 (Relevant Resources and Daily Development) that always gives you C3PO (where you See 3 Possible Outcomes) which are Confidence, Consistency and Change. When you realize that you are a Star inside and out, the Wars that you have faced will give you the Confidence and Consistency to Change the world. #starwars


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