Side Tech

My main #gadget left me so I had to turn back to my side #tech. For the last three years I looked at her but did not touch her at all. I knew where she was at and she stuck by my side because I never threw her away. The one I thought would be with me forever passed away suddenly and would not even come back to life even when I tried to resuscitate her with a charge. No one wants to talk about life and death but I never told Gadgy that I had an #insurance #policy on her just in case she shut down and left me without a call or text message. My side tech can’t hold the apps like she should, she loads up slow, no #Instagram for the next few weeks, just enough power to give and get calls and text messages. Hey I thank #God for my Side Tech because without her I would be without service for over a week. The next time you think about throwing your old phone away just think about what your Side Tech can do for you today.


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