I Have Bars

People approach the God with hesitation.
They see what they stole and lock up like constipation.
Don’t snicker. I started with zero and now you going nuts.
Write down my first name and I bet you end with 7up.
Bars. On the mic and not on my crib.
Sad it looks like jail outside where some live.
Bars. One day they are free with stories to tell.
24 hours later locked up sitting in a lonely cell.
Bars. Look inside and find who you are.
Raise your bar from subpar to above par to superstar.
Bars. Pass the bar then pay it off and pass on your car.
Leave an inheritance that leaves spas and not scars.
Bars. Make them listen even your competition.
Write book number one and follow up with another edition.
Bars. People inspire me so I pulled out the pen.
If you set one soul free your game will always win.
I wrote this because I have BARS (Belief And Relevant Skills)

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