Bowtie Invitational Tournament

Please share this and tag current or former athletes, fans, coaches, parents or anyone else that loves sports.

Welcome to the Impress Me Sports BIT (Bowtie Invitational Tournament). As you see in the picture we are at a crossroads in our lives with the Covid19 and Coronavirus moving throughout the world.

We have no NCAA Men’s basketball Final Four this year where it is win or go home but now you have the BIT where it is wear and stay home.

The NFL Draft may be put on hold and there are currently no NHL, NBA, College or High School spring games.

The BIT is competitive and your favorite team may or may not have made it but we are all on the SAME (Safe Athletes Matter Everyday) team.

Professional Teams Bracket: Vikings, Penguins, Cubs, Titans, Cowboys, Flyers, Astros, Eagles, Rockets, Jets, Cardinals, Coyotes, Raiders, Bears, Rams, Dodgers and Angels.

Colleges Teams Bracket: Syracuse, Nebraska, Michigan, West Virginia, Michigan State, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, USC, UCLA, Louisville, Wisconsin, Penn State and Oklahoma.

Share this post and tag an athlete to inspire safety awareness and to also see which college or pro team they would pick to wear and stay home with.

Let’s all play fair but also watch how you PLAY (People’s Lives Are Yours).


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