Be Like GWEN If You Want To Win

by Derrick Hayes the “enTIEtainer”

One day I woke in a happy spirit and as I started to look at success stories on social media I kept seeing Gwennetta Wright making it happen and others were putting up emoji signs to symbolize that they were clapping. Then I turned to The Last Dance on ESPN and I started seeing Michael Jordan and they were telling me to “Be Like Mike.” During the commercial break I started to thinking about how Gwennetta puts God into her messages, the work she does for others, the events her and her team do to elevate communities and how it has been a joy to network with her all of these years.  As soon as The Last Dance came back on this melody came into my head singing “Be Like GWEN If You Want To Win” say it again “Be Like GWEN If You Want To Win” so through her name GWEN here is a 4 point plan to put you in position to win.

G is for God. Why do you put God first in what you do? I put God first in all I do because without him I would be nothing. Being an entrepreneur for almost 14 years I definitely know where my help comes from. God has kept me going when I didn’t have any money in my bank account. Every time I had an issue that I didn’t know how to overcome he came in and fixed it. My faith in him is truly the only how I am still standing today. I am very business savvy but I don’t operate my business on the worldly principles most of the time I operate them on Godly principles which is not very popular in the business world. My business strategies have always come from prayer.

W is for Working for others. Why do you help your team so much?  I believe every good leader job is to birth other good leaders. I can’t be operating at my best but the people on my team don’t get the same access. I live by the code that if I eat well, then my team eats well. I give the people on my team a choice. They can eat how I feed them or they can go hungry. If they don’t want what I feed them in knowledge and resources then that’s their choice but the ones who want it I will make sure they have it.

E is for Elevating Events. What made you want to do events like the Toy giveaway and the Back to school events? Honestly, those are truly God assignments. When I started in business God blessed my businesses financially abundantly. In the mist of it all I knew that the blessings that he was giving to me were not just for me but for others. I would be selfish not to give back to those in need if I could make it possible. Those events are definitely faith walks because even though God has blessed me in so many ways for some reason when I have those events the funds don’t ever seem to be there because I usually don’t make a budget for them but every time God guides me and my team to get the resources and finances to pull each event off.

N is for Networking. Why do you network and network and network? Networking is essential in business. It is unfortunate how many people don’t realize it. Relationships in business are everything. Your relationship with someone can open a door of opportunity faster than money. It’s definitely not always about what you know but who you know. For a long time I didn’t believe this until God open my eyes of how important building relationship is. God will use someone who you don’t know to bless you. He will use your connections to get you to the next level.

The bottom line is that if you want to win like GWEN you have to put God first, Work for others, create Elevating events and never stop Networking.

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