Bee The Change

May 29, 2020

Flashback Friday is where I presented at the Maggie Brown Middle School in Newnan, Ga where their slogan and life transformation message is Bee The Change. The Principal of Maggie Brown Middle School is Ahmand Tinker

Motivational Monday

May 18, 2020

(Please watch until the end so that you can receive the entire message) Welcome to Motivational Monday where we are at the Traffic Light and it provides us all with motivation and inspiration because we have to know when to stop, when to go and when to slow down. Please watch until the end


The DISH Man: 4 Things I Observed in a Million Dollar Restaurant

April 15, 2020


A few years ago I needed a part time job and nobody was hiring so I applied to work at Little Caesars. At first I thought you could apply at the store but quickly I learned that the only way to get a job there was to fill out an application online.

When you are new in the pizza industry and even before you can take money or make the crust you have to start off in the back washing the dishes.

Every night I came to work I left everything in the sink as I was determined to be the best person to ever wash a pan. As time when on I was crossed trained in other areas but nobody and I mean nobody could keep up the flow of dishes on a Friday night which is the busiest day in the land of pizza.

When I was asked to leave early one night the person that replaced me started to curse and throw their apron. Not everyone is meant to do your job.

Even with my hands in the water from time to time I would look from the back to the front door and through the word DISH I’m here to share with you 4 Things I Observed in a Million Dollar Restaurant.

D is for Diversity.  On any given shift you could have High School students, Colleges students and career professionals making pizza together at the same time. You may have a Grandmother being supervised by a Granddaughter. As diverse as it was I saw that no matter what the race or religion of the people we all found a way to have fun and make things work.

I is for Isolation. When you are the guy doing the dishes you are on an island by yourself. The only way you get help is when the rush is over. Just like in other industries if you can’t hold it down when they need you they have many other applications of people they can turn to. One way I made it work was to keep a pen or paper on me so that while I was washing dishes I would meditate and write down the great ideas when they would come to me. S is for Service. Science can do or want to do it

S is for Service. If customers are not greatly treated the business will soon be defeated. People can get a pizza from many other outlets and even from the gas stations and grocery stores so you have to take care of the customers because they are the ones that help your job take care of you. It is a blessing to see someone enter your workplace and leave with a smile on their face.

H is for Help. At the end of the day, help others and they will help you. The person washing the dishes is just as important as the one making the pizzas and the ones taking the money. If I don’t have the pans washed than no dough and ingredients can placed in the oven and if the pizzas are not in the oven than no pizzas can go out the door.

Even when I washed dishes in an environment with Diversity I appreciated the Isolation because it allowed me to see how great Service can Help create a Million Dollar Restaurant

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Senior Breakfast

April 13, 2020

Senior Breakfast is where High School and College Seniors come together for breakfast to receive inspiration and motivation so that they can be prepared to finish out the school year on a high note and not be scared for life they will live after college. Derrick Hayes the “enTIEtainer” was they keynote speaker at the Senior Breakfast for the Class of 2020 at Shaw High School in Columbus, Georgia.

4 Principles That Birth Possibilities

January 30, 2018
Have you ever heard someone say “what’s done in the dark will come into the light?” God tapped me on the shoulder the other day and wanted me to share with others some of the things that I have doing in the community and behind the scenes on a regular basis.
I’m no better than you and I’m just here to share with you how I keep turning my lessons into blessings with 4 Principles That Birth Possibilities. The 4 Principles are nothing that you can do for yourself but you must do them for others and directly or indirectly you will see others start doing them for you.
Principle #1 – Open a Door. When I am about to go into a building I look to see if anyone is in my view and if they are I open the door for them. The lesson with this blessing is that the more and more I open doors for people the more and more doors will be opened for me.
Principle #2 – Say Thank You. After a door is opened for you simply say “Thank you.” The lesson with this blessing is that when people feel appreciated your life will be elevated. When you are on the go out in the streets keep this simple strategy in mind and it can keep your blessings on repeat.
Principle #3 – Wish Others Well. When I wake up each morning I understand that as a person of color that I have to work twice as hard and be three times as good and at the end of the day we can still turn on the news and hear and see more negative stories than positive ones. God challenged me to look into the eyes of men that look just like me and simply say “I wish you well.” I love all people of all races, religions and creeds but the trials and tribulations of Black Men is overdue and they may never hear “wish you well” on the evening news. The blessing in this lesson is that the men I meet and greet all say thank you for wishing me well and for opening up a door to brotherhood.
Principle #4 – Buy items for strangers – The next time you are in line at a store and you have some extra change in your pocket, purse or wallet look at the customer in front of you and the one in the back of you to see if you can afford to buy your goods and all of theirs. I laughed when God first challenged me to at least try it once and when I did it I started to get blessings directly and indirectly. When you can try and do it at least one time and do it for others that do not know you and for others that could not pay you back even if they wanted to too. The blessing in the lesson is that somethings you can do for free but to break down walls and get breakthroughs somethings will cost a fee.
Try one of the 4 Principles That Birth Possibilities and let me know how your life begins to grow, change or even transform.
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Mobile Tie Tying Service

August 1, 2017
If you need to learn or just want to speed up your turn check out my Mobile Tie Tying Service where I will come to you with a lesson that will definitely be a blessing. Learn How To:  1. Tie Regular Ties  2. Tie Bow Ties 3. Tie Regular Ties into Bow Ties. The TAP (Tie Assistance with Preparation) is Available where we can pre tie your regular neck wear so that you can wear them Daily, Weekly and Monthly. For more information or rates inbox me, email me or call or text (706) 615-1662. My services are available for local, regional, national and international opportunities.

Professional Development DAILY Message for Wednesday April 27th, 2016

April 26, 2016

“Generate Good By Serving In Your HOOD (Helping Others Opens Doors).”

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