March 25, 2019

He #shook my #hand and looked #me in my #eyes then he asked if I would #teach #him #howto #make a #tie . Teach them the #game until they #know the #way , I asked what #team did he want and He said #UK .


#BlueGrass #Lexington #Kentucky #bigblue #hiphop #hbcu #ncaa #finalfour #Basketball #poetry #swag #bowtie



March 25, 2019

Bow TIE Maker Monday and Im rocking my TIE to help honor and recognize the one who helped make me who I am.

Bow Tie Tour Heads to Kentucky

March 24, 2019

When you see a Red Bird in the Blue Grass you know Im in either in Louisville or Lexington Kentucky on my customized Bow Tie Tour.

Bow Tie Tour

March 23, 2019

Im in Nashville on my customized Bow Tie Tour.

Bow Tie For My Father

March 21, 2019

Honor your Father is in the first commandment and I look forward to this upcoming Bow Tie Monday where I will wear this tie that I made to show love to my Dad.

10 Year Challenge

March 21, 2019

I took the #10YearChallenge to see what I was doing in 2009 that I’m still doing in 2019 and I found out that I’m still networking and building relationships. In 2009 I was at the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization Conference and in 2019 I was at the National Youth-At-Risk Conference.

TIE Card

March 19, 2019

Thank you Lisa Lewey-Shields for the TIE (Thankfulness Is Everything) Card. I know that in order to get a blessing you to be a blessing and I appreciate the blessing that you sent my way.