Television Interview

February 24, 2018
Thank you to Eric Fowler for giving the Entietainer his first television interview. Check it out if you would like to learn more about my life and he takes the story from my days in Rantoul all the up to my current neck tie school.

Wearness Wednesday

February 21, 2018

Today is Wearness Wednesday so I’m wearing a neck tie that I made of string and a shoelace with knots in it to bring awareness to #autism. In the last five years I have worked in education and also now with writing a monthly column with Autism Parenting Magazine and I realize that the simple things in the lives of students, parents and teachers mean a lot when it comes to making life better for all of us. A knot in a string creates sensory stimulation for many so just think what we all could do if we simply just touch lives.

Bow Tie Monday

February 19, 2018

for Presidents Day

How to Tie a Tie

February 17, 2018

It was great to be a guest speaker at Fort Service Learning Magnet Academy for their Fatherhood event with the theme of “A Father’s Role In Education.” After I performed a young man named Jailand approached me to learn how to tie a tie. Brother J learned how to do it after a few tries so at the end of his lesson I gave him my tie as a blessing.

Bow Tie Monday

February 12, 2018

for February 12th, 2018


February 11, 2018

Had to get off my ascot and go to Church.

Bow Tie Monday

February 5, 2018

for February 5th, 2018