Tell Your Story

October 15, 2021

StoryCorps is great way to tell your story like Fatha Vah and I did today.

Tiger Stripe Coasters

October 14, 2021

Work Together Wednesday

October 13, 2021

Work Together Wednesday. Who do you network with that others need to know about? Today I want you to meet Brother Vah. We have a saying when we are at events together and that is “Tie Into What’s Vahuable.” Give your dream a birth and know your worth.

Tag someone that you would like others to work with. #TieIntoWhatsVahuable


October 7, 2021

If LeBron James and Russell Westbrook are not going to play in the preseason the Lakers might as well put Tie Man, Jr. in the game. He even has the Hairbows for the cheerleaders and brought the coasters in case Carmelo Anthony wants to interview him and ask What’s In The Glass?

Why Not Wednesday

October 6, 2021

Why Not Wednesday. Why Not Start your business. Why Not go for that job. Why Not ask for help. Why Not bless someone else. Why Not believe in yourself. Why Not write that song. Why Not play your position. Why Not listen. Get off the pot and think Why Not.

Tiger Tuesday 🐅

October 5, 2021

Welcome to Tiger Tie Tuesday and Tag a Tiger Tuesday.

Tag someone that went to or currently attends or is employed by a school where the mascot is a Tiger. In college I was a Tennessee State University Tiger and now I work at Carver High School the home of the Tigers.

Even if you didn’t attend a Tiger school that won’t stop you from having a TIGER mindset where the (T) is because you have Talent that will (I) Inspire others so that they want to (G) Give back whether you are an (E) Entrepreneur or just gainfully Employed that will fill your life with a lot of positive (R) Results.

If you would like to support this TIGER movement by getting a clip on Tiger Bow Tie or Tiger Hair Bow like the ones in the pictures please send a cashapp blessing to $entietainer and inbox or text me your address so I can send you one.

If you don’t want to get a Hair Bow or TIE but still want to help someone else BUY (Big Ups to You) the door is still open for you to send in a blessing via cashapp, venmo, PayPal and the mailman.

BowTie Monday

October 4, 2021

Coaches Clinic

October 2, 2021

The Coaches Clinic at State Farm Arena with the Atlanta Hawks was a first class event. As you see I dressed for success.


October 1, 2021

Any Given Thursday

September 30, 2021

Tie Why Thursday where you find your purpose and Tie into your Why.