Guest Blogging Opportunities

Encouragement Speaker is a blog that looks to share positive and inspiring content that students, staff, experts and entrepreneurs have to offer. Here are a few opportunities that are available at this time. The opportunities are not for pay at this time.

Give Words Of Encouragement – If you had to inspire or encourage someone with the same Major as you what would you say?

The title in the subject will be Words Of Encouragement For (Your Industry title). For example if you are a Nursing Major your title will be Words Of Encouragement for Nursing Students.

For more information please go to

Welcome To My City – When we hear or watch the news more times than not we learn about the negativity that is happening all over the country. It puts fear into people that want to travel. Here is your chance to shine a positive light on where you live or where you’re from.

What city are you in and what is encouraging about where you live? Anyone can focus on the negativity around us so in 100 to 500 words welcome others to your hometown in a positive way.

For more information please go to

College Shout Out – Do you attend or graduate from a College or University? If so would you like to give a College Shout Out from you and your school to encourage youth about the importance of obtaining an education?  For more information please go to

Other things you can write about:

– The Importance of Building Relationships in College and Out

– Any topic that has an encouragement foundation.

Derrick Hayes, an alumnus of Tennessee State University is available for small and large meetings, church events, academic speaking engagements and workshops. Please visit Derrick’s website at and to book him for a speaking engagement or media event, send an email to  or call (706) 615-1662.

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