Making Memories

September 18, 2017

“Now when I see kids in the streets they remember me because I took some time out to teach them a skill that creates memories.”


Show Time

September 17, 2017

If you are free on this upcoming Tuesday Night September 19th, 2017 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM please come out to the Mildred L. Terry Public Library for the Celebrate National Live Creative Day to support others and myself. I’m scheduled to perform 4th in the 6:24 PM time slot.

Hurricane Harvey

September 17, 2017
Good evening – Good evening

Growing up in Rantoul, Il I had the honor to get to know people like John Whaley @eehour1 , Rechard Collins  @rechard1911 and Lloyd Mosley @helluaguy22

From there I went to college in Nashville at Tennessee State University I had the pleasure to bond with successful people like B.J. Saulsberry @BJsauls and Randy Fuller @fulran

And once I moved to Columbus, Georgia for over a year I was on 92.7 with Kris Green @kgsmooth for Inspirational Wednesday.

You may say what do all these people have in common? They all now live in Houston and they were directly or indirectly effected by Hurricane Harvey.

After talking with some of them over the phone and others through text messages and social media there is one story they inspired me to tell.

There was a man that was not chicken to get to the other side. The water had receded but not all the way. He didn’t have a boat and his car would not make it. So he didn’t focus on being scared. He started to get prepared because he knew how important the opportunity was on the other side.

Knowing he had to walk through water he took off shoes, took off his socks, rolled up his pant legs and put his socks in his pocket and went on his way while he carried his shoes.

As he walked through the water he started to see waves that gave him a sign to wave goodbye to depression, wave goodbye to disappointment. At times he would wade in the water and others he would wait in the water but he kept walking because you have to go through your obstacles to get to your opportunity

Once he made it to dry land he pulled out an old rag he had in his pocket and wiped down his legs and feet.  Put back on his shoes, rolled his pant legs down and walked into a building for an interview.

The H.R. manager said thank you for coming and especially for making it on time but we can’t hire you because our policy is shirt and tie and it is strictly enforced. No excuses we don’t lower our standards for nobody.

The man reached into his pocket like he was looking for a tie. All he had was socks. HR Manager said you better do something with those socks or open the door back up and kick rocks.

The man looked at each sock like they were alive. Brought them together so that they could network and build a relationship. He put his neck on the line for this opportunity and things started to take shape right before their eyes.  (Bow Tie)

HR manager said I thought you would of made a regular tie. The man responded by saying you didn’t lower your standards so why should I lower my expectations.

Ladies and Gentleman sometimes in life you have to take off your shoes and socks, roll up your pants legs and have the faith to walk on water like Jesus.

Like I always say Before you leave No Shame or go to sleep tonight Give someone a WOE, a Word Of Encouragement.  Derrick Hayes is my name and Stand Up Encouragement is my game. I hope you learned something from me and when you leave here you’ll never be the same.

Derrick Hayes is an Author, Motivational Speaker and Paraprofessional with students with Autism in the Muscogee County School District in Columbus, Georgia. For contact or booking information visit , email or call (706) 615-1662.

National Live Creative Day

September 16, 2017

With Jaylan King (The Tie Dye Intellect) and Where It Comes From along with Ezekiel (Zeke) Summers as we are at rehearsal for the upcoming event as we Celebrate National Live Creative Day on Tuesday September 19th, 2017 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM at the Mildred L. Terry Public Library.

I don’t know any weak people so get your spine up and check out the line up at 640 Veterans Parkway. For more information please call (706) 243 – 2782.




Meet Rashod Robinson

September 16, 2017

It is a blessing to know people like Coach Rashod Robinson. As men we talk about the bees and birds then compete against each other to see who can spell the most words.

Felony and Felon

September 15, 2017

A friend was asked what does he say when others bring up that he has a prior felony and that he is a felon.

His response is that one day when he FellOnKnee God revealed to him that his life was no different than anyone else and that he just FellOn hard times and we all are one strike away from being out of here.

Dr. Eddie Obleton

September 15, 2017

At Friendship Baptist Church I met Dr. Eddie Obleton and at the time he was teaching a Diversity class at Columbus State University. Dr. Eddie opened a door for me to come speak to his class on a university level.

In this business you have to be good but you also have to have good people open doors for you to be able to show how good you are.
Now in 2017 I changed jobs from one school to another and now I work at Shaw High School and everyday I go to work I see his picture on the wall as a special recognition to his commitment to push others to have excellence in education.
Many times we see people of color only highlighted and have their jersey retired when they win a track meet, slam dunk a ball or score touchdowns like never before.
Parents the next time you think about taking your children to a jail or prison for a scared straight program take action and drive them to Shaw High School so they can visit Dr. Eddie Obleton with his face and name in the frame because this is necessary to inspire and motivate more black kids to want to up their game.
In a world where a picture is worth a thousand words you don’t have to say anything just let them see what they can be.