Alec Ogletree Interview

August 10, 2018
When you are Alec Ogletree and have already been good at Newnan High School, University of Georgia, Los Angeles Rams, about to star for the NFL New York Giants and just finished your 2nd Annual Football Camp what do you do? A DERRICk Interview. Please enjoy and share with others athletes. AO is very professional about life on and off the field.

Back To School Performance

August 7, 2018

#Give Your #Dreams so others will be inspired to Live their Dreams like I did at the Reach 4 Your Dreamz Inc Back To School Bash at The Liberty Theatre Cultural Center #entertainer #ties #motivation #encouragement

Future Health

August 7, 2018

One day my #Future may depend on if I can make #breakfast and #lunch at the same DAMN (Derrick Appreciates #Meals with #Nutrition) time.


August 6, 2018

Thank you Mechelle Tucker for inspiring me. I was driving down the street thinking about how lives are changing right before my eyes when I see young men learn how to tie a tie for the first time. At that moment I thought about the great things that you are doing and started to cry because God showed me a vision that one day I might get to use my passport and go to the great continent of #Africa and teach young men #howto tie ties, #bowties and #ascots for the first time. The #MotherLand would become the #Brother Land. As I wiped away my tears he showed me that in the word TIE that I should replace the I with the shape of Africa. When we let go of I which is ourselves we can see the I which is #International opportunities.

Side Tech

August 6, 2018

My main #gadget left me so I had to turn back to my side #tech. For the last three years I looked at her but did not touch her at all. I knew where she was at and she stuck by my side because I never threw her away. The one I thought would be with me forever passed away suddenly and would not even come back to life even when I tried to resuscitate her with a charge. No one wants to talk about life and death but I never told Gadgy that I had an #insurance #policy on her just in case she shut down and left me without a call or text message. My side tech can’t hold the apps like she should, she loads up slow, no #Instagram for the next few weeks, just enough power to give and get calls and text messages. Hey I thank #God for my Side Tech because without her I would be without service for over a week. The next time you think about throwing your old phone away just think about what your Side Tech can do for you today.

Bow Tie Monday

August 6, 2018

Welcome to M and M Motivational #BowTie Monday where I encourage you to Move and Make people better, Move and Make it to different places and Move and Make it to make things happen that have never happen before.

Back To School Events

August 5, 2018
It was a blessing to attend and participate in two #BackToSchool Events in one day. The first one took place at Bull Creek with The Edge Church, Michael Soul, Overflo Beauty & Barber Shop, and Urban League Young Professionals. The second one took place at The Liberty Theatre Cultural Center with Xpert Tax Service LLC, Reach 4 Your Dreamz Inc, Muscogee County School District Transportation Department, Blessings Three65 and Workforce Innovations, LLC.
Thank you for allowing me to show parents and children how to tie a tie for the first time in their life.