November 9, 2019

Stay Ready. The TIE Man is in the middle of greatness and opportunity. In the next few days there is a chance that I may get to meet Mike Vick so to prepare for a possible opportunity I created the original VICK TIE and I will soon be speaking at an African American Male Initiative  event so I have to get ready for that event as well.

Flannel TIE Friday

November 8, 2019

Tes TIE Mony Tuesday

November 5, 2019


November 4, 2019

Welcome to Bow Tie GRINCH Monday where the GRINCH is known for taking things from us. Today we use the name GRINCH to get back our relationships. Greet, Respect, Inspire, Nurture, Cooperate and Help others.  We have to do these things for and with each other.


Autism Parenting Magazine

November 3, 2019
My November #AUTISM Interview is with Nicole Sugrue who is the cofounder of the Spectrum Designs Foundation. Please subscribe to Autism Parenting Magazine and you will find our AUTISM Interview on page 66.


November 3, 2019

After I left #Church I went to @SUBWAY and met #Deacon William. I told the cashier that I was paying for both of our #meals but he went around me like @BarrySanders and paid for the meals. Even in the #blessing #Business you can make a counter offer.


November 2, 2019

Woke up this morning with a Miracle Mindset and I’m here with DeMarcus Smith at his Speak Up: Speaker Development Workshop. In the word Miracle is Mir for Mirror so that you see what you can be. Ac is there so that you Act on and in your dreams. Le is there so that when you see what you can be and take action you are able to Leave a blueprint and Legacy for others.