May 31, 2020

See It Sunday and I was able to support two local business owners because I see it as a way to keep dreams alive.

Support Satruday

May 30, 2020

Bow Tie Monday started at Jordan High School in Columbus, GA when Darius Moore asked Derrick Hayes to participate and where a Bow Tie each Monday.


The last thought on Derrick Hayes mind was to wear a tie to work but he also did not want to say no to someone else dream. After wearing a bow tie for a few weeks there was a day when the weather would not permit anyone to go out and get another bow tie so Hayes had to learn how to turn the regular ties that he already had into bow ties so that he could continue to participate in Bow Tie Monday.

Since Derrick Hayes did not kill his dream it ended up living his. Derrick Hayes went from not wanting to wear a tie to sharing and teaching others how to tie regular ties and also how to turn them into bow ties and the impact and feedback from men, women and children was incredible.

Now Derrick Hayes has branded himself as the “enTIEtainer” since he has added new tie tying techniques to his seminars, workshops, routines and Stand Up Encouragement sessions. The “enTIEtainer” is available to perform and uplift audiences at schools, colleges, corporations, meetings, events, concerts, festivals, clubs, casinos, churches, carnivals and other venues.



Bee The Change

May 29, 2020

Flashback Friday is where I presented at the Maggie Brown Middle School in Newnan, Ga where their slogan and life transformation message is Bee The Change. The Principal of Maggie Brown Middle School is Ahmand Tinker

Trent Tucker Interview

May 28, 2020
Please watch and share my exclusive interview with Trent Tucker and in this interview we discuss. 1. Growing up in Flint,Michigan 2. Playing against legends in the Big Ten 3. The NBA and MJ 4. How is life is right now in Minnesota.

Tie Tip Tuesday

May 26, 2020

Welcome to Tie Tip Tuesday is where Derrick Hayes the “enTIEtainer” teaches you how to turn your placemat into something that you can wear on your platform.


Episode 13 of Life Skill Life School

May 25, 2020

Please be a part of Who “R” You? Episode 13 of Life Skill Life School by commenting with a word that starts with the letter “R” that best describes you and what you do and tune in Tomorrow on Tuesday at 12 noon EST on Facebook Live at


Memorial Day

May 25, 2020

Motivational Monday is where we had to create a celebration for education because of Covid 19 and the coronavirus we had to drive up to the drive way to give a GRAD (Greetings, Resources, Author Dad) Bag to my daughter Amber for her success with her college education.