HALF Way To The Bank

August 22, 2016

IMG_20160822_062409Back in the day when the music would play it was Big Daddy Kane saying, “Aint No Half Stepping” and now I hear people debating whether a glass is half empty or half full. Half of something is better than half of nothing so through the word HALF I give you 4 thoughts of inspiration so that you can HALF Your Way To The Bank.

H is so that put a Halt to anything that takes you backward and won’t let you move forward.

A is so that Adjust and trust that you can maintain so your goals can be obtained.

L is so that you Learn ways to get better and be a go getter so that you can earn more cheddar.

F is for the Freedom you will have when you put a Halt to somethings and Adjust to other things so that you truly Learn how to grow.

Even if you are not working full time you are already HALF Way To The Bank.

Derrick Hayes at www.DerrickHayes.com is an Author and Motivational Speaker

The DAILY Message for Wednesday March 2nd, 2016

March 1, 2016

“One day your walk will match your TALK (To Adjust your Lifestyle is Key).”

Derrick Hayes is known as the “Encouragement Speaker” and is available for speaking engagements and Derricknym signings at meetings, conferences, and events. Please visit http://www.DerrickHayes.com email info@DerrickHayes.com  or call (706) 615-1662 to book Derrick Hayes now.

The DAILY Message for Monday February 29th, 2016

February 28, 2016

“You may have to Weep just to make your dream LEAP (Learn Everything to Adjust Properly).”

Derrick Hayes is known as the “Encouragement Speaker” and is available for speaking engagements and Derricknym signings at meetings, conferences, and events. Please visit http://www.DerrickHayes.com email info@DerrickHayes.com  or call (706) 615-1662 to book Derrick Hayes now.


April 30, 2012

by Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes

Ivan Gibson known as IG is best friends with Kevin NORANT. When IG and NORANT come together their bond spells out IGNORANT. IG and NORANT use IGNORANT to teach 8 life principles to help youth clear their life of anything that is IGNORANT.

I is for Inspire. When people become inspired they should want to stay inspired. Give powerful words of encourage to each other. Young people should hear you speak great of them like you do to others. The next time a youth messes up ask if you can give them constructive criticism? This will open up doors to better communication.

G is for Give. Back up what you say by giving others a role model to look up to. If we tie our shoes others might want to pull up their pants. Learn how to apologize when you make a mistake. This may be the best gift someone receives in their lifetime.

N is for Notice. Anyone can look and find something wrong with you. Take time and found out what people are good at. Many fall and come short because they never found their strengths and no one in leadership found it either. Look for the light that can keep others out of darkness. When you do others will come through for you.

O is for Opportunity. When you study a person and can’t figure out what a person is good or great at, ask them? You may discover an unhidden talent that can be developed. Just when you think you can’t help someone a few questions can open doors to many opportunities. Open up your database and call to see who can truly help the ones you want to help.

R is for Read. Al Tucker who is a great friend of mine has a gift to inform you what books you should read based on your abilities. When Al saw I wanted to become a better father he suggested the book Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy. When I was interested in spiritual growth I was presented with the Maxwell Leadership Bible. If we read what we need life will give us what we want.

A is for Adjust. One way to leave ignorance is to become better at the things that are relevant in our lives.  How we adjust to situations that comes to and through our life plays a vital role in how far we go. Learning how to do more or less is the critical balance we have to strive for that will keep us on the beam or off the team. Keep trusting the future by adjusting from time to time.

N is for Navigate. When you learn better you will earn better. Go forth wise so you won’t be caught by surprise. The adjustments you make today shouldn’t keep you from making achievement tomorrow. When you are able to keep going your progress will keep growing. People that used to just look at you will start to look out for you. They will even open the gate so you can navigate through.

T is for Team. I have never met anyone that totally made it by themselves. If anyone tells you anything else it may sound IGNORANT. We have to discuss discernment with the next generation so they will know who or who not they should work with. In business help will be in the form of a mentor or partner. In a life a mate or spouse will be your side. It takes a wise team to multiply your dream.

IG and NORANT don’t want you or your children to be IGNORANT. This is a story with the morals being that we need to camp out in our homes and schools so that less of us will be IGNORANT. Some will stay IGNORANT only because they or the ones before them refuse to leave an IGNORANT life.

If you are a parent that is holding children back from proceeding put that curse in reverse so they can go from worst to first.  If this doesn’t apply thank you for not being IGNORANT.

SPEAK Better: 5 Things That Can Improve Your Presentation Skills

March 29, 2012

by Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes

I was asked the other day, “How can I learn to speak better?”

Since SPEAK was the key word that I heard in the question I was inspired through it to give you 5 simple thoughts that you can use to improve your platform skills.

The S is for Study. Learn from others through books, watching videos and by seeing them speak live in person.

The P is for Perform. Put what you learned into practice. Step up to the microphone and make it happen.

The E is for Evaluate. Ask people to critique your performance. Learn to be fair but critical to your own work.

The A is for Adjust. Learn from your mistakes and apply constructive criticism to become better.

The K is for Keep. Keep striving to become better. Keep writing and wanting to be the best you can be.

Use this 5 steps daily in your business or career and others may one day come pay to hear you SPEAK.

Derrick Hayes is available to SPEAK at your next meeting, conference or event and also to come in to help employees learn how to SPEAK better.

Words Of Encouragement for REGULAR People

September 14, 2011

Are you ordinary but producing extraordinary results? Even you get down sometimes. I’m here to provide you with a boost to help your caboose stay on the right track.

R is for Reading. Are you currently reading a book? If you said no, know that reading is always a positive way you can advance your kingdom.

E is for Encouraging. Take what you know and learn and apply it by helping others up in their time of need. When others rise it will lift you to another level.

G is for Giving. Sometimes it takes more than words to light the fire into someone’s flame. Join the conversation by showing up and lending a helping hand. What you say is important and what you do is even just as important.

U is for Use.  With the talents you have are you getting the job done? What else can you do to use the gifts in your life to make this world a better place. I wrote this quote “Use Your Skills Or Someone Else Will”

L is for Learning. When times are hard or not going your way do you find out why? Each situation you face is like a class in session. Take notes and you will pass the test each and ever time.

A is for Adjustments. It’s not the one living just it’s the ones that make adjustments that have the most to gain. Don’t let your life rust when all you have to do is adjust.

R is for Remember.  Never forget who you are, a down home REGULAR person. One that Reads, Encourages, Gives, Uses, Learns, Adjusts and Remembers.