Important Facts About Richard Daley College

December 3, 2013

RichardDaleyby Jo D

Richard Daley College situated in Chicago is perhaps one of the most popular colleges in the ‘Windy City’. With varieties of courses focusing on academic and vocational lessons, it has welcomed thousands of students in its compounds. Affordable fee structures and generous scholarship programs offered by the college has made it an attractive place to study for students from many different backgrounds.

Here are some important facts about ‘Daley’ — as it’s known to people associated with it:

Part of the City Colleges of Chicago

Daley is one of the 7 colleges in the City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) group. CCC is the largest community college system in Illinois with more than a million alumni members. The college grants two-year degrees after which the graduate students can opt to transfer to 4 year institutions.

Numerous choices of academic programs

Richard Daley College hosts a multiple array of choices in academic programs for students. More than 25 different 2-year degree programs are available to choose from. With a good and dynamic administrative team managing the college, the varieties of courses are growing every year.

Ranging from popular courses like accounting, biology, physics or business administration, to specialized courses including medical insurance coding or phlebotomy, the college offers diverse choices. The college also have distance education courses.

Significant percentage of students with grants and scholarships

Nearly 80% of students of Daley receive scholarships and grants, which is a fairly high percentage. Based on student merits and needs, the college grants financial aid to deserving students generously. Daley’s students also have the option to apply to scholarship schemes funded by businesses, community organization or private institutions. On average, nearly 18% of in-state tuitions and 13% of out-state tuitions are funded by grants at Daley.

Diverse ethnic presence

Students from various ethnic and racial backgrounds study at Daley. The college seems to be a popular choice among Hispanic students in Chicago, with more than 60% of the total population. Besides them, blacks, whites and Asian student are also present at Daley in sizable numbers, making it a wonderful multi-ethnic hotspot.

A large sized institution

There are more than 8,000 students admitted to the college, making it a big institution in the city. Hence, the opportunities at Richard Daley College are often better, compared to smaller institutions. The student to faculty ratio of the college stands at 39:1, which is fairly good for such a large college.

Career Counseling, employment and placement services

Through its strong network, Daley is well regarded as an institution that provides good career guidance to its students. Ranging from special career counseling programs within its premises, to employment and placement services for its graduates, it’s definitely a good institution to enroll in — especially for students who want to start off their career on a serious note.

Good athletics and extra-curricular activities

Varieties of athletics and extra-curricular activities are encouraged by administrators at Richard Daley College. Basketball and soccer are the most popular sports among students. The college houses 4 NJCAA teams named ‘bulldogs’ which include both men and women teams. Other activities like music, plays, excursions and tours also serve to be among some important extra-curricular activities encouraged by the college. On the whole, Daley is regarded to be a good place to study for students interested in extra-curricular activities.

Comprehensive library facilities

The library at Daley can be considered as a pretty good facility. It houses more than 65,000 books and printed materials. Besides the fact that it also has nearly 2000 audio-visual materials, it also boasts of having more than 10000 eBooks in its portfolio.

Satellite Campus offering specialized programs

Daley hosts a sister satellite campus within its premises called the Arturo Velasquez Institute. It provides specialized community and professional skills based courses within the two year associate program framework, or as some special basic and advanced certificate programs. It also hosts special adult education programs — free of cost. These courses have been designed by the management to help its surrounding communities.

Richard Daley College can be considered as a large multi-disciplinary community college, which caters to the needs and demands of students in a variety of ways. Because of this, more and more students regard it as one of the finest colleges in Chicago.

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Back Of The Jersey To You

January 17, 2013

Moss[Written by Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes] [Inspired by Randy Moss] [Photo by Huffing Post]

The UK is famous for saying, ‘top of the morning to you.” The National Football League fans have a new saying with “Back Of The Jersey To You.” They say it because that is what they see every time Randy Moss scores a touchdown. Randy Moss  Hall of Fame career does all of the talking for him. Here are things you won’t see Moss do for a touchdown celebration.

1. No River Dance like Chad Johnson.

2. No Cha Cha like Victor Cruz.

3. No Dunking like Tony Gonzalez.

4. No Discount Double Check  like Aaron Rodgers.

5. No spiking like people that never score.

6. No spinning just for a first down.

7. No popcorn like T.O.

8. No Tebowing like Tim Tebow.

End zone entertainment is fun but Moss is at a point in his career with statistics that leaves you simply in awe where all he does now is score, hand the ball to the referee and point to his name that shouts, “Back Of the Jersey to You.”

In Proverbs 22:1 it says  “A good name is more desirable than great riches.” The name Moss signifies that something is coming your way, people know it and still can’t stop you.

Since we may never know when another Randy Moss will come our way again, win or lose I would like to see him go deep for a touchdown in the Georgia Dome against the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship, hand the ball to the referee and right after that point to his name so I can say this with the others millions of fans watching from home, “Back Of The Jersey To You.”

Keep Your A Out The J

March 1, 2012

I want to encourage all youth that are not in trouble and the ones that might be on their way to Keep Your A Out The J.

If you are already locked up and you read this hopefully it will inspire you when you get out to never comeback and forever Keep Your A Out The J.

What is A? A is Abilities, Academics, Attitude, Assets, and Athletics.

What is J? J is Jail

Bring Derrick Hayes in to speak to your youth group or organization so we can tell more to “Keep Your A Out The J”

Get A Long: An Original Love Story

February 4, 2012

Copyright © 2012 by Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes

Growing up boys dreamed of marrying one of the Long daughters. Jim Long is married to Karen Long and the rumor is they named Long Island after their family. The saying is that  the family has Long money and their savings will never run out. The Longs made their money early on in residential real estate and later switched over to build a commercial real estate empire.

As a young man marrying a Long was like winning the lottery where everything would be taken for you. The Longs had three daughters and no sons. Each young man that would be given the opportunity would be treated just like he was a Long.

The three daughters were Kali 30, Joan 28 and Cassee 23. Kali and Joan were successfully married and where the story begins everyone in the family is wondering when Cassee will find and marry Mr. Right.

In High School Cassee became real good friends with Joe Joe Johnson. Joe Joe was a great fit for Cassee but because of his economic background she never felt the family would approve of Joe Joe becoming one of them. Joe Joe was not naive but he liked Cassee and remained good friends with her throughout High School and College.

During college Cassee became serious about Jamir Jefferson, a college All American running back who was projected as a 1st round draft pick in the NFL. Cassee and Jamir met as Freshmen and have dated for four years having an optimistic view of having a family with kids one day.  Jamir liked the idea but wanted to wait until he established himself with his professional football career.  Cassee  was more ready especially with seeing how Kali and Joan were living the American dream like their mom and dad.

Jamir went to the NFL Draft Party. He was selected the number 1 running back at pick #16 by the New York Jets. Since the draft was in NY the crowd went crazy. Jamir had went to the draft alone and did not invite Cassee. After the draft Jamir met with Cassee and let her know that he wanted to move on as just friends. Jamir wasn’t ready to be tied down for the Long haul with the Long family.

Cassee was full of tears and as usual called on her Joe Joe. Double J as many call him was always there for Cassee no matter what. Cassee asked Joe Joe to meet her out for dinner and the two began to establish a bond even greater than the one they already had.

Joe Joe went to see Cassee graduate from College with a B.A. in International Business from Harvard. Joe Joe never went to college but remained a mainstay at his job that he has held since High School. In 6 years he has gone from grocery bagger to one of the youngest Store Manager’s in company history.

Cassee decided it was time to introduce Joe Joe to her family as Mr. Right. Everyone was happy for her even though Mr. Long had some concerns about the finanacial future of their family. Mr. Long wanted to know if a Store Managers salary could provide Cassee with the type of lifestyle that she was accustomed to?

Joe Joe laughed lightly saying to Mr. Long “if anyone signs a prenuptial, it won’t have to be me”

“Mr Long have you heard of EOJ International?” “Yes I have Joe Joe, my two son in laws work for the company and are both earning well over six figures a year”

“Well if they are earning six figures how well do you think I’m doing? I own the company and EOJ is my name backwards. When my Grandfather died four years ago I inherited the company. I never said anything because I wanted people to treat me the same whether I had a lot of money or not.  Mr. Long I read in your book, Long Money, that a key to wealth is to put a great team together, keep them happy and get the hell out of the way. For four years I have done just that with great success. Running a store helps me run my other businesses and at the same time I get to shape lives.”

Six months later Joe Joe was able to Get A Long as he and Cassee tied the knot.