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June 23, 2019

Had to share this one and hope that you share it as well.  Recently my story was published in the online version of Lifoti Magazine and you can follow the link to check it  out and you can also see my story in the printed underground June issue of Lifoti Magazine. Lifoti magazine is music related magazine mostly focus on hip hop culture. This deals with various issues of rappers and hip hop artists, their news updates and album reviews. It also promotes indie musician around world on printed publication. Lifoti Magazine is published and distributed to over 80 countries in printed & digital version. You can get it on Amazon, Walmart, ebay, near by bookstores, newsstands, magazine gallery, institutional libraries & 200+ stores.

TIP (To Increase Possibilities) Tuesday

April 25, 2017

Welcome to TIP (To Increase Possibilities) Tuesday where I give you a nugget that can help you build a gold mine.

Write down your first name or industry keyword and put the word Interview right next to it.

For example my name is DERRICK so I started to give a DERRICK Interview with others that were an expert entrepreneur athlete or philanthropist.

The industry I work in is education with an emphasis in autism so I created the AUTISM where I interview parents so that they can help other parents who have children on the spectrum.

After you write down your name or keyword give a special keyword for each letter in your name or industry word.

For example the words for the DERRICK Interview are Dream Education Resources Ready Individual Challenges and Keys.

The next thing you can do is to put your word into a question that you can ask others. In the DERRICK Interview the D is for Dream so I ask people all over the world, what is your Dream?

You can add more life to your blog interview series by including pictures, bios and social media links. Here is a link to the questions in my DERRICK Interview along with some of the other DERRICK Interviews that I have done

The AUTISM Interview series was pitched to and picked up by Autism Parenting Magazine and their website where you can subscribe to and receive these interviews and more is

Don’t delay and start your interview series today and you will see in a few days how this process can pave a way.


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WENDY Workshop: 5 Ways To Make Your Dream Come True In The Wink Of An Eye

November 17, 2011

Recently I attended the Tasha Smith Actor’s Workshop where I was able to meet Wendy McKenzie who is the CEO of In The Wink Of An Eye. Wendy is  6’1 and when you first meet her it presents an undeniably commanding presence.

Wendy McKenzie is a highly sought after Casting Director, Acting Coach and Motivational Speaker. Wendy McKenzie has been a Casting Director for 25 years, Acting Coach for 7 years and Motivational Speaker for 3 years.

Wendy’s home is in New Jersey but she also teaches in New York, Florida, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Texas. In the near future Wendy will be touring and teaching in Canada with Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd as they will instruct others on the business side of the industry and how to move forward in the right direction.

Wendy was modeling in NY and her casting director at the time  needed help in finding people for roles and she learned how to do it, since they were paying the Casting Director to find people. The pivotal point in Wendy’s  career came when she was hired as Casting Director for Fox Searchlights Pictures, “Notorious”, the biopic of rapper, Christopher Wallace.  While working on “Notorious”, Wendy was hired to provide (Limited) services for the 2010 Academy Award Nominated, “The Blind Side”.

Wendy has worked with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Mariah  Carey, Britney Spears, Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, and numerous others. Wendy was also given the opportunity to branch off and cast for MTV (Promos) such as  “Yo Momma”, and “Sucker Free Sunday”.

WENDY uses her name to give you 5 Ways To Make Your Dreams Come  True In The Wink Of An Eye.

W is for Work. In order to find work in this business the first  step is to develop a bio with your resume and headshot. Research the Yellow
Pages or Google for resources and talent in your area that provide photography  and resume services.

E is for Employed. If you want to be a star, stars are in the sky  but if you want to be a working actor make sure you learn how to be technically sound. The ones who get the jobs are the ones who usually work the hardest.

N is for Network. I met Wendy at TSAW and at events like this you  meet seasoned and up and coming actors. Wendy explained to everyone how important it is to learn from each other what has and hasn’t worked for you in  the business. Also to connect on what other training and events they can attend throughout the year to help them become better.

D is for Direction. Wendy made sure to make it clear over and over  again how critical it is to know what type of actor you want to be so that you move in the right direction. If you are auditioning for a film make sure your  monologue is not one for a Broadway show.

Y is for Youth. All parents learn from Wendy about the importance  of adults knowing what children do during auditions so that they can help them prepare at home. Practice will build confidence so they won’t be nervous when  it’s show time.

During each WENDY Workshop she brings parents out of the crowd  to perform on the spot so they can see firsthand how difficult it can be for  their children. When I was pulled on stage and asked to do a rap I did a freesytle  with these original words,

“I came here  today with my wife named Kim

A few years  ago my weight was more slim

I grew up a  few hours from Indy

The best  Casting Director name is Wendy”

WENDY is not just the best she is here to teach you how to Work so  you will be Employed. Network with the right Direction and always reach back to help our Youth. The next WENDY Workshop for youth will be Saturday March 17th, 2012 in Atlanta, GA.

Network with Wendy McKenzie:

In The Wink Of An Eye Website



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